nobody home

name: leviathan

pronouns: he/him

age: 20

birthday: october 13th

sexuality: gay

location: massachusetts

race: mixed; native afrolatino + white

i'm neurodivergent, mentally ill and disabled. i'm in a dedicated monogamous relationship with julien as of 11/19/18, engaged as of 2/14/19.

i'm a kinnie, please don't follow me if you're a double.

i have DID, meaning that my alters may post on my main account (it's usually signalled by an icon/display name change).

i also have very severe untreated schizophrenia. during my schizophrenic episodes, i may talk about religion, mental illness, or other sensitive topics in a very "incoherent" way. i can't tag during this time, and i appreciate your patience with me.

Tonight too, thinking through the night
Sleepless night, insomnia